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The Butter – Laiterie du Chiesso 

Jean Michel Fellay

Alpage de Gauthier “Chiesso”
1973 Mont-Noble

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Jean Michel Fellay, a farmer by profession, has been an emblematic figure in the craft world for four decades. His adventure began 40 years ago with the purchase of ewes, then sows. Today, he specialises in making cheese and butter, which he sells with love and dedication.

His passion for farming and the outdoors led him to leave school at the age of 16 to set up his own business. Jean Michel had an irrepressible urge to spend time outdoors, especially with his sheep. This connection with nature led him to start raising livestock and making dairy products.

The butter-making process at Jean Michel Fellay is a veritable savoir-faire. After milking, the milk is very rich in cream. He collects this cream and transforms it into butter in a barate. To obtain high-quality butter, he uses spring water to purify it. The result is a butter with unique characteristics, thanks in particular to the cows reared at altitudes of between 1800 and 2200 metres, which naturally confer omega 3 fatty acids on the product, without any pasteurisation.

The cows and goats are reared in optimal conditions at La Louère, at an altitude of 2,400 metres. With 130 goats, 76 Simmental cows and 183 ewes, Jean Michel takes very special care of his animals, because he knows that their well-being is essential to obtaining quality milk.

For him, respect for others is paramount, and this is reflected in his products. The butter he produces has an unrivalled flavour thanks to the love and care that goes into every stage of the process. He sees this as his daily challenge: to maintain impeccable hygiene during milking, and to watch over every stage of the maturing process, in order to offer his customers exceptional products.

As a craftsman, Jean Michel’s main aim is to sell all his production directly to consumers. This proximity to his customers allows him to share his passion and his vision of the profession, far from the usual commercial constraints. It’s this passion that gives him the motivation he needs to persevere, and he can’t see himself retiring. On the contrary, he looks to the future with enthusiasm, imagining his three sons, Georges, Lucien and Jean Daniel, carrying on the family legacy by working in harmony with nature.

Jean Michel Fellay, an outstanding craftsman, embodies respect for others and for nature through his work. His sheep’s raclette cheese has even been awarded the Swissaward, a distinction that testifies to the exceptional quality of his work. He continues to draw his motivation from the pleasure his sheep give him, and it is this passion that guides him every day along the path to success in his craft.

Jean Michel Fellay
Jean Michel Fellay

« The key word is respect for others  »

Jean-Michel Fellay

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